Add plans πŸ’²
So you have a customer in your Stripe live account. It is now time to make plans available to him.
Any subscription business needs multiple tiers a customer can subscribe to. This section describes how to add plans in Stripe so that they get suggested to you customer in UiCheck.
Go to your Stripe dashboard ( then go to the Billing section then to the product section (
Now create one product representing what you what to sell. We will split this product in multiple tiers afterwards.
Advanced topic : Note that there exist multiple ways of setting up Stripe billing subscriptions and plans. We present the recommended way of setting up plans so they are fully compatible with UiCheck.
Note that the name you are entering at this point does not really matter, because this is not what UiCheck will be displaying to your customer.
You will then be redirected to the page where you can add a plan to your product.
NOW the name you are entering is important. UiCheck will display this name to your customer. A good choice of plan names could be : Starter, Professional or Entreprise.
So go ahead and create a plan:
You can now see on the product's page that there is one plan linked to it.
Now press the add pricing plan button to add more subscribing options to your customer.
For the purpose of this tutorial we are going to create 3 plans in total. Starter at 10$/month, Professional at 30$/month and Entreprise at 100$/month. Don't worry you can easily delete later the plans and the product we created for this tutorial.
Now, if you go back in the UiCheck interface you should see that your customers will be suggested to subscribe to the plans you just created when you load the UiCheck interface for them. To test that, we will use the preview section of UiCheck.
In the next section we will see how our customers can subscribe to plans.
To add a description to your plans, follow these steps.
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